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A collective voyage of projects, experiences, places and writings that sow the way we interact, create and express.

Ploos (πλοός) is rooted in the Ancient Greek word for voyage.

Here, we aim to build creative journeys through projects, people, and places that generate a thoughtful circularity between experience and expression. 

We cultivate ideas into rooted concepts

and curate spaces to let them flourish.

We don't fit into a box.

We consult. We strategize. We write. We interact. We gather. 

We take impact seriously. 

The Ploos is a consulting and creative lab, a slow living residency, and social good organization - designed to connect business, being, and action.

The Saga.

Whilst carrying visions of circular economy, the slow movement and human-centered leadership, The Ploos takes a thorough approach to every element in the creation of integrating business and being – built to enrich healthy organizations that model more impactful future for everyone involved. We develop concepts, experiences, and words that regenerate the inner gardens of both humans and brands. We build and nurture ideas that offer a deeper, more conscious form of creativity—not a step away from the ordinary but a continuous voyage of reconnection and learning to be in sync with business, community, nature and a natural state of being.

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