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Born In A Bed of Wildflowers

Spreading freely in unlikely places, our ethos is rooted in the connection of creating - living - sharing.


Then, now, and furthermore.

The Voyagers.


Victoria Lazaro(u)

Founder, thinker, dreamer, doer and social entrepreneur with a knack for creating things utterly whole

Victoria Lazarou dabbles with words, basks in slowness, supports day dreams as the next big idea, strategizes the unthought of, and masters the art of gathering strangers down the road less traveled.

Victoria is a multi-genre writer specializing in creatively executing identities and strategies with a human-centered core. She has spent time in developing countries having led impact driven programs alongside building brands, concepts, strategies, experiential marketing initiatives and managing accounts for agencies and clients internationally. 

Her bread and butter is to create circular connections of business and humanity through communications, residencies, and projects that integrate a wholeness to work culture.  

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